6 color 6 station Manual carousel screen printing machine

Short Description:

This manual carousel screen printing machine is for textile/garment screen printing industry, such as garments, T-shirts and sport cloths, bags, PVC sheet, Umbrella, balloon and so on. The machine is suitable for printing products in bulk.

  • Model Number: JM-SP06-SS6
  • Color /Station: 6 color /6 station
  • Automatic Grade: Manual 
  • Plate material: Aluminum alloy plate
  • Max printing area: 500*600 mm
  • Max mesh frame size(mm): 550*650 mm
  • Substrarte height(mm) : 1-12mm
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    Main Features

    - This rotary screen printing machine is characterized by accurate positioning, free adjustment, stability of machine body and simple operation. This is designed for T-shirt.
    -This rotary screen printing machine can accurately register and remain positioning unchanged permanently. Its angle for silk screen and distance for leaving the screen adjustable.
    - t shirt rotary screen printing machine central bearing-type rotation design can have the screen plates and table freely rotate.
    - t shirt rotary screen printing machine drawing force can be adjusted as per its weight of printing plates
    - We also can supply the different size of t shirt rotary screen printing machine according to customer’s requirement.

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