heavy duty screen printing machine

Short Description:

1. Widely suitable for screen printing t-shirts, garments, towel, leather,umbrella ,clothes and backpack, etc.
2. The printing base and screen can be rotated, and screen plate can be turned backward and forward, left and right, which makes the operation much easier and a more accurate printing position.
3. It suitable for printing with heating set ink, rubber cement and other printing inks.

  • Model: JM-SP06-SS6
  • ALUMINUM pallet size: 45X61cm
  • Max frame size: 80x70cm
  • Max image size: 45x55cm
  • Pallet Material: Aluminum Pallet
  • packing size: 130*118*136CM
  • Weight: 374kgs
  • Product Detail

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    Heavy duty 6 color screen printng machine with micro-registration system


    Product Description

    This printer is our company basic type with multi function screen printing head

    Loosen the top two screw handles to adjust the screen clam, move the clamp from right to left, back and front, up-dowm and angles. Don’t need to loose the screen directly.

    Alum table and HDF table are available for choosing. New style base is more strong and stable.

    Double rotary type, screen and table can rotate independently, strong base with caster to move freely.26


    Product Specification



    Pallet size

    450×610 mm

    Pallet materials


    Max frames szie

    700×800 mm

    Max printing szie

    450×550 mm

    packing size





    Multi-functions for differnet objection
    Stainless steel bolts increase using life
    Heavy weight to keep the machine steady in printing time
    Uniform double clamps system to keep the frame stations
    With micro-registration system on left-right/fornt-back angles onhorizontal and vertical

    Product Details

    26 27 28 29 30

    Product Feature

    -Multi-functions for different objection

    -Stainless steel bolts increase using life

    -Heavy weight to keep the machine steady in printing time

    -Uniform double clamps system to keep the frame steady

    -With adjustable and high temperature resistance stations

    -With micro-registration system on left-right/ front-back/ angles/ horizontal and vertical

    screen printing machine is for textile/garment screen printing industry, such as garments, T-shirts and sport cloths, bags, PVC and so on.Whole machine adopts desktop combination design to save room.it is particularly suitable for t-shirt shop, small business and individual printing shop etc.未标题-1 - 副本

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    1 case (126*110*123cm)

    Weight: 400kg微信图片_20170619101341

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