• Function and usage of squeegee in screen printing

    Squeegee may seem simple, but in fact squeegee is a very complex part of screen printing.In other forms of printing, to make inks The transfer tools are squeegee, ink roller, pressure roller and glue, each of which has its own unique function.In screen printing, the functions of squeegee are main...
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  • Advantages of digital printing and DTF film

    Advantages of digital printing and DTF film

    Leading the way in digital printing – DTF The discussion of direct-to-film (DTF, white-ink digital hot stamping) printing versus DTG (direct-to-clothing, direct-jet printing) printing leads to the question: “What are the advantages of DTF technology?” While DTG printing produces...
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  • All the mesh knowledge you want to know is here

    All the mesh knowledge you want to know is here

    The right screen printing mesh count will make a huge difference in all of your silk-screen jobs. Here’s a list of the different mesh counts and the plastisol ink(s) that would work per screen printing job: Silk Mesh Count: 25 mesh, 40 mesh – Usage: Glitter Inks. Screen printers usually use 159 U...
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  • Screen Printing Summary of Plate Making

    Screen Printing Summary of Plate Making

    Traditional platemaking using manual methods, that is, through the way of manual engraving template, that is, in the form of the film transparent and not transparent two states, so screen printing is sometimes called template printing.Parts of the substrate with ink are removed, parts of the plat...
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  • Basic insight about silk screen squeegee scraper

    screen printing machine squeegee angle adjustment directly affects the screen printing quality is good or bad, all pass screen printing here to share with you how to adjust the screen printing machine squeegee angle. Hope that the early contact with the screen printing industry personnel can have...
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  • The screen printing operation steps, basic process principles, and the determinants of the amount of ink.

    Now is an era of rapid development. This new era has driven the development of new technologies. Screen printing technology has moved from the ancient civilization thousands of years ago to the 20th century. Today, it is also facing the challenges of the times and experiencing such Pain period. T...
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  • Is the screen printing machine automatic or manual better?

    With the development of science and technology, screen printing industry has gradually evolved from manual screen printing machines to semi-automatic screen printing machines and automatic screen printing machines. There may be many people who think that the products printed by screen printing ma...
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  • Basic Knowledge of Screen Printing

    Screen printing is a main printing method in stencil printing. Screen printing is based on the original manuscript, selecting the plate making method and printing process and determining the printing materials to be used. Because screen printing has a wide range of uses, there are many types of c...
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  • Screen printing of ceramic decals and seepage tiles

    Screen printing of ceramic decals and seepage tiles

    The pastel material is screen-printed to reproduce the image on the decal. Then it is pasted on the ceramic utensils, and the bright colors are displayed after roasting. This process is called the decoration process of on-glaze pastel decals. It is a ceramic decoration process with a long history...
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  • Screen Printing Process in Apparel Patterns

    Screen Printing Process in Apparel Patterns

    It is also needed and urgent for the current lifestyle. With the development of the market economy and the improvement of the quality of life, people’s demand for clothing, especially clothing quality, taste, pattern, color, style, material, including the requirements for the number of repl...
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  • Screen printing plate making work

    Screen printing plate making work

    Screen printing has many advantages, such as: thick ink layer and strong coverage, not limited by the size and shape of the substrate, soft layout and small printing pressure, suitable for various types of ink and light fastness, etc. More and more widely used in electronics industry, ceramic dec...
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  • Influencing factors of screen printing

    Influencing factors of screen printing

    Screen printing is more and more widely used in electronic industry, ceramic decal industry and textile printing and dyeing industry. With the continuous progress of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of screen printing products. How to improve the quality of scre...
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