These screen printing squeegees feature a solid wooden handle or a ergonomical aluminum handle with squeegee rubber already installed. Available from 55 to 95 durometer. Durometer is commonly the most versatile squeegee durometer on the market since it is soft enough to lay a lot of plastisol ink...
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  • screen printing frame

    10″x14″ OD. Tub. 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1.4mm Mesh Color: White (mesh count ≤ 180) Yellow (mesh count ≥200) Frame Outside Dimension: 10″x14″ Frame Inside Dimension: 8.5″x12.5″ Recommend Scoop Coater Size for Use: 6-8 inches Recommend Squeegee Handle Set for ...
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  • screen printing fabric mesh

    screen printing fabric mesh

    Fabric is used as supporter of an ink-blocking stencil. Polyester has replaced traditional silk as the fabric of choice among screen printers all over the world … Silk Screen Printing Vs Digital Printing on Fabric The printing industry has benefited from the latest advancements in print tec...
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  • screen printing factory description

    screen printing factory description

    Shenze Jiamei Group established in 1999, professional manufacturer of screen printing supplies and equipment in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. As a member of CSPIA/CSGIA/FESPA, we have always concerned about the development of the screen printing industry. The main products have their own...
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  • silk screen printing development

    Screen printing is an ancient printing method. About a thousand years ago, screen printing was born in China as an art medium and soon spread to Japan and other Asian countries. The academic circles believe that this printing method was introduced to Western Europe in the late 18th century. Wire ...
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  • Industry analysis of the global screen printing mesh market in 2020 – Haver & Boecker OHG, Extris Srl. , Japanese Tokushu fabric, Sefar, dance stone wire mesh manufacturing, NBC Meshtec

    The growth of the global screen printing network market from 2020 to 2025 is based on market resources and covers all the details of market factors. The report provides current and future technical and financial details of the industry. The report identifies the impact of external factors affecti...
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  • screen printing suppliers sample

    screen printing suppliers sample

    Jiamei Screen provide free samples. As the picture,wooden screen printing frames,screen printing frame,screen squeegee,screen printing aluminum handle,screen printing wooden handle and so on. At the same time,we also have screen printing machines. Jiamei Screen is a one-stop screen printing suppl...
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  • Topeka artists Michael Bradley and Larry Peters created NOTO’s new banner

    If you walk through the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District along North Kansas Avenue, you may notice that the banner is decorated with flags along the street. There are banners welcoming visitors to the area, and some show artworks created by local artists. But the eight new banners placed in J...
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  • screen printing frame description

    screen printing frame description

    screen printing frame is one of the most improtant method in screen printing. You must know squeegee frame mesh ink and so on is nessary method for screen printing.Today we discuss frame. screen printing frame can be made in wood or aluminum. Both are good material for frame, Light weight,good qu...
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  • Happy new year to everyone

    happy New Year. Jiamei Screen  hopes that all customers will have a prosperous business and good luck in the new year. At the same time, Jiamei Screen will strictly abide by the quality requirements of the screen printing industry in the new year and provide customers with excellent products and ...
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  • How to look at the rise of silk screen printing industry

    Screen printing originated in ancient China, is a great invention in China. The invention of screen printing has promoted the development of human material civilization in the world. Nowadays, screen printing is not only an inheritance of ancient people’s wisdom, but also an innovation and ...
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  • CTS screen printing computer direct printing plate – making technology

    CTS screen printing computer direct printing plate – making technology In the Screen printing industry, direct Computer printing is also known as CTS (Computer to Screen), that is, the Computer images directly on the Screen, which is very similar to CTP in offset printing industry.In terms ...
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