• Is UV ink soft or hard ?

    UV printers need to use soft ink and hard ink to print different materials. Below, we will explain the specific differences and applications: 1、 Advantages and characteristics of soft ink and hard ink: Advantages and characteristics of soft UV ink: UV soft ink can be applied in a wide range of f...
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  • DTF Shake powder hot film is used for DTF digital printers to call DTF printing film

    DTF Shake powder hot film is used for DTF digital printers to call DTF printing film Digital printing (soft skin feeling) ink absorption printing PET film, suitable for digital transfer printing printing. The pattern after ironing has the same texture as PU glue, and the feel is softer than the g...
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  • Description Epson print heads I3200-A1, I3200-U1, and I3200-E1

    Epson has provided 10 original and authentic print heads to the Chinese market. There are: S3200-U1, S3200-A1, S1600-U1, F1080, F1440, L1440-U2, L1440-A1, I3200-U1, I3200-A1, I3200-E1, these models are continuously extended in different application fields. In addition to the deepening of the atte...
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  • How to choose screen printing mesh type?

    We know that screen mesh plays a very important role in screen printing process.when you select the screen printing mesh,you must to consider a lot factors to buy the most suitable product.Mesh type is one of the most important factors. The so-called mesh, refers to the unit length of the wire co...
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  • The UV Injekt DTF Printing And Differences in Printing With DTF UV Compared to Regular UV

    1.What is DTF UV injekt printing? DTF UV ink printing has two methods. The old way: AB film. The process is as follows: Take out A film, glue on the surface, generally A4 or A3 size, can not roll. The surface of A piece is torn off to reveal the rubber surface, and then the rubber surface is arra...
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    Screen printer screen selection must ensure that the screen mesh has a good quality match with the printed product. At the same time, the extensibility of the screen should not be too large, and its structure should be kept as close as possible, otherwise the quality of the screen cannot be guara...
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  • What is the meaning of DTF printer/ DTF film /DTF ink

    Compared with traditional technology, the production of DTF printer white ink hot stamping is more flexible and has a smaller footprint. DTF printer sets printing, shaking powder, baking in one, environmental protection, high printing speed, very stable quality. It prints in bright colors with be...
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  • Function and usage of squeegee in screen printing

    Squeegee may seem simple, but in fact squeegee is a very complex part of screen printing.In other forms of printing, to make inks The transfer tools are squeegee, ink roller, pressure roller and glue, each of which has its own unique function.In screen printing, the functions of squeegee are main...
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  • Advantages of digital printing and DTF film

    Advantages of digital printing and DTF film

    Leading the way in digital printing – DTF The discussion of direct-to-film (DTF, white-ink digital hot stamping) printing versus DTG (direct-to-clothing, direct-jet printing) printing leads to the question: “What are the advantages of DTF technology?” While DTG printing produces...
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  • All the mesh knowledge you want to know is here

    All the mesh knowledge you want to know is here

    The right screen printing mesh count will make a huge difference in all of your silk-screen jobs. Here’s a list of the different mesh counts and the plastisol ink(s) that would work per screen printing job: Silk Mesh Count: 25 mesh, 40 mesh – Usage: Glitter Inks. Screen printers usually use 159 U...
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  • Screen Printing Summary of Plate Making

    Screen Printing Summary of Plate Making

    Traditional platemaking using manual methods, that is, through the way of manual engraving template, that is, in the form of the film transparent and not transparent two states, so screen printing is sometimes called template printing.Parts of the substrate with ink are removed, parts of the plat...
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  • Basic insight about silk screen squeegee scraper

    screen printing machine squeegee angle adjustment directly affects the screen printing quality is good or bad, all pass screen printing here to share with you how to adjust the screen printing machine squeegee angle. Hope that the early contact with the screen printing industry personnel can have...
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