Heavy duty 8 color 8 station screen printing machine with micro-registration system

Short Description:

this machine is our best machine in 8 color screen printing machine. With micro-registration system on left-right/ front-back/ angles/ horizontal and vertical, the angle of screens can be adjust easily.

  • Model: JM-SP08-S8
  • Alu. pallet size: 45X61cm
  • Max frame size: 50x70cm
  • Max image size: 40x55cm
  • weight: 263kg
  • packing size: 96*75*80cm
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    19Product Description

    This printer is our company basic type with multi function screen printing head

    Loosen the top two screw handles to adjust the screen clam, move the clamp from right to left, back and front, up-dowm and angles. Don’t need to loose the screen directly.

    Alum table and HDF table are available for choosing. New style base is more strong and stable.

    Double rotary type, screen and table can rotate independently, strong base with caster to move freely.


    Product Specification



    Pallet size

    450×610 mm

    Pallet materials


    Max frames size

     500×700 mm

    Max printing size

    400×550 mm

    packing size





    Design is ourself researched micro-registration manual screen printing machine
    Adjust the screw handle to move the screen to all directions, very accurate for multicolor registration
    Alum table is more durable and high tempertature resistance
    Double rotary type,screen and table can rotate independently, strong base with caster to move freely

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    product feature

    -Dourable rotary type, screen and table can rotate independently, strong base with caster

    -Move the clamp right-left,back-forth, up-down and angles, no need to loose the screen directly

    -We have a professional QA & QC team and will fully track the orders from the very beginning to the very end to make sure all our customer get from us will be good.

    product application

    Printing onto clothing (especially for T-shirts), woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, circuit board, wood, glass, ceramic tile, leather and other plain printing substrates. This makes it especially suitable for small businesses as well as individual printing shops.


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