Hot Sale DTF Ink for Inkjet Printers Heat Transfer Film Printing (CMYK)

Short Description:

Direct to Film (DTF) ink is a special type of ink that is used for DTF printing.

It has a special formula that allows it to adhere to the surface of what will be printed on, without leaving any residue when it comes off.

This kind of ink has been designed specifically for this purpose, which makes it ideal for the DTF printing process.

  • Product name: dtf ink 1000ml dtf white ink
  • Colour: CMYKLcLm +W
  • Application: Waterbased Ink/transfer ink
  • Shelf life: 12 Months/ White 6 Months
  • Product Detail

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    DTF ink

    Soft printed finished image texture

    Maintains consistent quality under high speed with low production costs

    Superior printing quality and vivid colour performance,even with delicate graphics

    Excellent adhesion and transfer rate 

    Superior soap and water resistance


    Imported material from Europe and America, wide color gamut and colorful High transfer rate, without distortion after transfer 4-5 Grade dry and wet scratch resistance, excellent sun and water resistance, fastness, color changeless Suitable for all types of piezoelectric printers

    Fabric with over 60% chemical fiber such as polyester, nylon, acrylic , etc.

    Can be transferred the designs to mugs, plates, pillows, umbrellas, curtains, flags, all kinds of advertisements

    film and ink

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