UV DTF AB FILM A3 DTF Pet Film Sheets

Short Description:

UV-AB is a kind of transparent paste material,

it can also be said to be a cold lamination film,

a cold transfer film that can be pasted on any material.




  • Product name: UV DTF PET Film
  • Brand: JM-UV AB Film
  • Material: PET Film
  • Usage: Printing Film
  • Transparency: Transparent
  • Size: A3/A4 size
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    UV DTF AB FILMWorking principle of UV-AB film

    1. UV film is an active free radical or ionic group generated by adding a photoinitiator or photosensitizer to a specially formulated resin, and through UV absorption and light curing through UV equipment.

    2. It converts UV coatings, inks, adhesives (resins), etc. from liquid to solid within seconds by initiating polymerization, cross-linking and grafting reactions.

    Product name UV DTF PET Film
    Brand JM-UV AB Film
    Material PET Film
    Usage Printing Film
    Transparency Transparent
    MOQ 200 pcs
    Size A3/A4 size
    Quality Excellent


    UV-AB Features

    1. High transparency, thick, self-adhesive, hard, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistant, long-lasting, non-fading, non-yellowing, and UV-resistant.

    2. Environmental protection, waterproof and wear-resistant, colorful, good 3D texture, simple operation, easy to paste, can paste any material (except fabric)

    UV AB FILM usage


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