Squeegee blade 50x7mm

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Our Screen Printing Squeegees are made out of top grade Polyurethane Elastomers and are of the highest quality. All Squeegee we sell are solvent resistant and long lasting.

Tips for choosing the right Screen Printing Squeegee: Durometer measure’s the hardness of the squeegee rubber, which defines how much pressure will be used to pass ink through the mesh screen. The greater the durometer, the less the rubber blade bends, therefore the lower the durometer of the rubber the more the squeegee blade will flex.

  • EXW Price: $3-$30
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1m/1roll
  • Supply Ability: 10,000m per month
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    Squeegee blade 50x7mm


    Standard size: 25x5mm,25x7mm,35x5mm,35x7mm,40x7mm,40x9mm,50x7mm,50x8mm,50×9,50x10mm,etc.

    Length: 1000mm,2000mm,144″(3660mm)/as your request

    Width: 25 mm-100mm

    Thickness: 5mm- 10mm

    Hardness: 50-90A

    Standard color :Yellow ,blue,white,red,coffee,green etc ,available for your request

    Blade type:square, rounded and V-cut profiles,etc.


    • 60 durometer squeegees are the softest available, and are used for mordelicate printing. A softer blade flexes more than a hard blade, and works best with thinner inks. 60 durometer squeegees also are great for high density printing since they allow a larger amount of ink to roll through the stencil.

    • 70/75 durometer squeegees are a medium hardness, and are the most commonly used. A 70 durometer squeegee blade works well with almost any screen printing application, and it is a great starter option for the beginning screen printer.

    • 80 durometer squeegees are very stiff and are great for more intricate print jobs. 80 durometer screen printing squeegees are great for printing with thicker screen printing inks such as whites and other opaque plastisols.


    The tip of the squeegee blade comes in several shapes:

    Square – or straight-edge – squeegee blades are cut flat across the bottom. These are the most common types of squeegee blades and are used for more general screen printing jobs.

    Round – or ball-nose – squeegees are used when printers need a heavier deposit of ink, such as when printing on heavier substrates or when printing with specialty inks.

    Beveled squeegees feature an angle on one or both sides of the blade. Beveled blades are most often used when printing on substrates that are curved or uneven.



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