Screen Printing Rubber Squeegee -AS series 50*9mm

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Rubber squeegee is high quality, solvent resistant and long lasting squeegee for the screen printing industry. Our Squeegees are made out of top grade Polyurethane Elastomers, made to last longer than most other squeegees.

  • Model number: JM-02-AS5009
  • Squeegee size: 50mm width x9mm thickness
  • Length: 4m one roll
  • Durometer: 50-95Durometer
  • Shapes: Square,round,V-shape or customized
  • Type: AS serious
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    Product Description

     The AS squeegee is suitable for screen printing onto fabric and similar. With good performance of resistance to abrasion water and base chemical,long life with a perfect edge,adapt to the general solvent-based inks,textile printing、manual or automatic screen printing machine using.


    How To Choose Durometer

    Hardness Shore A Description
    Soft 50,55,60 This shore used for more delicate printing. A softer blade flexes more than a hard blade, and works best with thinner inks.
    Medium 65,70,75 65/70/75durometer squeegees are a medium hardness, and are the most commonly used. A 65/70/75 durometer squeegee blade works well with almost any screen printing application, and it is a great starter option for the beginning screen printer.
    Hard 80,85 80/85 durometer squeegees are very stiff and are great for more intricate print jobs. 80/85 durometer screen printing squeegees are great for printing with thicker screen printing inks such as whites and other opaque plastisols.
    Super hard 90  

    Avaliable Shapes



















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