93×1.3mm screen printing squeegee handle

Short Description:

Aluminum Screen Printing Squeegee, light weight yet built to last a lifetime. Ridges inside the squeegee opening help grip the rubber firmly with even pressure without piercing the blade or distorting it.Aluminum Squeegee Handle design good shape for comfortable utilization, positive grip on the blade.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Used for: Hand Squeegees,Aluminum squeegee holder
  • Length: 1 meter or customized
  • Cross section: 93mm
  • Cross section: 1.3mm
  • Keywords: Squeegee Aluminum Handle
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    Product description

    squeegee aluminum handleSpecification

    cross section Thickness
    86mm 1mm
    96mm 1mm
    93mm 1.3mm
    93mm 1.5mm

    Featuressqueegee aluminum handle

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