automatic silk screen printing machines

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An affordable high end automatic screen printing machine, specifically designed to handle the most common types of jobs that you do every day.

  • Model number: JM-4010
  • Power: 3 phase power with 24kw
  • features: combined with 4 flash dryer
  • printing Color: 4 color 10 station
  • Max frame size: 23*32''
  • Max image size: 17*23''
  • Air Consumption: 10 CFM @ 110PS
  • height: 1.5m
  • pallet: aluminum pallet
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    An affordable high end automatic screen printing machine, specifically designed to handle the most common types of jobs that you do every day. With the same top of the line features and construction as our larger JM-4010 presses, the JM- 4010 You brings all of the power of owning a JM-4010 Automatic Screen Printing Machine to a smaller or mid-sized shop. The JM-4010 You is perfect for shops printing on a variety of garment types. With four print heads, it’s easy to outfit this press with multiple platens for printing youth and adult clothing, towels, jackets, umbrellas and bags, or use the print head configuration for easy flashing in-between prints to print on performance and fleece garments. It comes standard with eight lightweight aluminum honeycomb pallets, 16″ squeegees and winged flood bars, a command panel on every head, print head elevation with print and peel technology, micro registration with vernier scale, a laser positioning system, skip-shirt function,command ports to control the flash dryer and with 3 phase power drop.

    Product Specification
    3 phase power with 24kw

    combined with 4 flash dryers 24KW
    Laser power and 1 laser marker
    4 color 10 station
    10x 18×26′ aluminum pallets
    4x 16” squeegees and winged flood bars
    Standard print area: 16×20″
    Machine diameter 11.64′
    Max image size 17×23″ w/ double index mode option of 30×23″
    Max frames size 23×32″
    Production pieces per hour: 1050
    Air Consumption: 10 CFM @ 110PS
    Electrical Consumption @ 208 v- 10 Amps Single Phase, 6 Amps 3 Phase
    Squeegees with pneumatic or electric movement on everyprint head
    AC stepper motor/flood strokes
    Independent control panel on all print heads
    Central printhead elevation
    Servo electro-mechanical indexing system
    Individual print and flood controls for speed, height, angle and stroke length
    Print heads with high-lift position for quick and easy frame cleaning
    Central control panel with LCD touch screen
    flash dryer
    Product advantage
    1.Advanced, unique drive and positioning system to ensure the longterm stability and highprecision running. 2.Low energy consuming, minimize the usage of electricity and compressed air. 3.Advanced hollow honeycombed structure aluminum alloy pallet, high flatness, goodheat dispersion, light weight, not easily deformed damage. 4.Adopt the advanced “flash dryer”. Use the U-TYPE energyefficient carbon fiber tube,each tube can be controlled separately and temperature adjustable, minimize theenergy consumption. 5.Pallet quickchanging function, only take few seconds to change one pallet. One singlemachine can achieve the printing requirements of cutting pieces and finishedgarments. 6.Simple and flexible frame holding unit, reduce frame alignment time. 7.Combine with the digital printer, can achieve the DIY requirements, high cost performance. 8.Can combine the flocking unit. auto heat press machine easily, can achieve variousprinting processes in one machine. 9.The colorful touchscreen HMI and the advanced control panel provide intuitive andconvenient operation experience. And support the function of fault Selfdiagnosis andtroubleshooting tips.
    Details Images
    Packing size:90m2

    four wooden box

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