Aluminum Screen 20″x24″ with 200 mesh

Short Description:

● We offer pre-stretched aluminum screen printing frames.

● Each frame is constructed of 1.3/8 sq. aluminum tubing and is welded to

   ensure a watertight seal, sanded smooth for square and flat finish.

● Mesh counts range from 60 to 350 stretched to 20 to 25 Newton.

● Standard sizes in stock are 20″ x 24″ for manual screen printing presses,

   and 23″ x 31″ for automatic silk screen presses.

  • Frame Outside Dimension: 20"x24"
  • Frame Inside Dimension: 17"x21"
  • Tube Size: 1 3/8" x 1 3/8" square tube
  • Glue: KIWO glue
  • Mesh Count: 200 yellow mesh
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    We offer pre-stretched screens and bare frames with different sizes and mesh counts used in screen printing. 

    Our Aluminum Screen 20″ x 24″ with 200 Yellow Mesh is made, welded, and stretched out to a perfect tension with the right Newton dimension ensuring a reliable and durable life.

    Frame Size: 20″x24″ OD (Outside Dimension)

    Frame Material: 1-3/8″ Square Aluminum Tubing

    Mesh Count: 200 tpi (thread per inch)

    Mesh Color: Yellow



    ● Constructed with 6063T5 Alloy

    ● Each piece is hand cut

    ● Fully welded to insure water tight seal

    ● Ground smooth for flatness

    ● Frame profiles range from 1” X 1” To 1-3/4” X 4”.

    ● With wall thickness of either 1/16” or 1/8” and a size range of 3” X 3” up to 14’ X 14’

    ● Mesh count ranging from 24 tpi to 420 tpi

    ● We can provide your screen needs, no matter what the frame size or application.


    (1) Durable

    — we offer strong profile for different size frames,

    (2) Surface Flatness :

    — not exceeding 0.02”

    (3) Tension Requirement

    — we use low-elongation and high stability polyester mesh,

    high tension between 17N-26N

    (4) light operation

    —we adpot 6063T5 aluminum alloy as the material, which is light weight

    (5) good adhesion

    — we use Kiwo Glue imported from Germany, which is highly solvent-resistant


    Popular Specification of Aluminum Frame

    Aluminum Profile         Frame Outside Dimension (O.D)
    20*30   10”x14”
    25*25  12”x16”
    30*30    18”x20”
    35*35    20”x24”
    38*38     23”x31” 
    40*40       25”x36” 






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