d5b33eddThere are several advantages of using screen printing over traditional forms of printing.

Firstly, because a greater thickness of ink can be used in screen printing, it allows the possibility of creating a variety of interesting printing techniques which would not be otherwise possible.Since the process of screen printing is fairly simple, a wider range of inks as well as dyes are available as compared to other printing methods. Apart from traditional inks, screen printing also allows you to use adhesive, lacquer and conductive silver. An easily adaptable printing method is always a plus for a manufacturer.

Another advantage of using screen printing is that because manufacturers can control various parameters of the process, it enables large quantities of the end result at a low cost.

Screen printing is a widely used form of printing by several industries and continues to be a popular method used by manufacturers. The process, materials required and low cost are part of the reason for its success, while the creative license that it allows is an attractive factor for many users. When it comes to bringing unique designs to life, you can’t go wrong with screen printing.

Post time: Jul-09-2019