Screen printing is a printing technology that has been used around us. It has applications in appliques, ceramics, textiles and other industries. After years of development, screen printing has been well developed. As a mature printing technology, silk screen still has many advantages. So, what are the advantages of screen printing process? Here, let macrokun give you the advantages of screen printing process.

what are the advantages of screen printing process
advantages of screen printing process.

1, low cost, quick: The cost of screen printing equipment and materials required than other low-screen method, the other plate-making methods and screen printing method is also more convenient, silk screen printing can be used for exquisite prints and copy expensive paintings, the product bright color, Thick ink layer. Strong sense of the main screen, screen printing is unmatched by other methods.

2, to adapt to the irregular surface of the screen printing: Screen version of the rich flexibility, in addition to screen printing on flat objects, but also in the surface, spherical or uneven shaped objects on the surface of silk screen, such as all kinds of glassware, Plastic, bottles, lacquers, wood, etc., in the flat, letterpress, gravure methods can not be silkscreen, it can screen printing.

3, strong adhesion, good ink: Due to the characteristics of the screen version, the ink through the screen hole, attached directly to the substrate surface. According to the substrate material requirements, both ink screen printing, paint can also be used or paste, mortar, etc. for screen printing. Other screen printing methods, however, are limited due to the subtle requirements of pigment size in the ink.

4, light fastness, good color: silk screen of the maximum density range of up to 2.0 So silk screen lightfastness, color rendering is much better than the offset.

Through the introduction of macrokun company, I believe you already know the advantages of the screen printing process what are the.If you want to use our company’s products for screen printing, please leave us a message.

Post time: Nov-19-2019