The parameters affecting the accuracy of screen printing, mainly mentioned the screen’s geometric characteristics, ink these two most important factors.The screen geometry characteristic is the foundation of screen printIng.Based on the analysis of mesh number and diameter, the calculation formula of minimum mesh point is compared, and it is proposed that the resolution calculation should be carried out under the influence of tension, so as to obtain more accurate results.The surface condition of a printing plate is studied by using roughness, the methods of improving roughness and printing accuracy are discussed, the relation between mesh number and theoretical ink penetration is analyzed, and the method of controlling film thickness is put forward.Ink rheology, surface tension, related to the ink adhesion and imprinting expansion, the experimental data were compared.Taking printed circuit board as an example, a dynamic mathematical model based on Newtonian fluid and lubrication theory is established by introducing lubrication theory to influence many factors of fine screen printing.The study of this topic provides a theoretical basis for improving the accuracy of screen printing, which can be applied to the printing of fine products, thus providing a theoretical basis and guidance for the printing process.

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It is one of the most important research topics in screen printing to influence the internal relation between various parameters of fine screen. Facing the development of microelectronics technology, the printing precision of electronic products has been greatly improved, so its research is of great significance.

Among the characteristics of silk screen, there are two main factors, Mc and D.The surface properties of different kinds of screen are different.In the future work, the factor level can be expanded to carry out multi-factor and multi-level experiments to determine the impact of each factor on screen printing accuracy after the addition of the remaining influencing parameters.The research of this topic can also be extended to consider non-Newtonian slurry.In addition, the scraper is usually made of deformable rubber, and in our frame, it directly alleviates the deformation of the scraper.In fact, we have shown that the pressure distribution remains constant, so that the scraper deformation remains the same during the printing process.The problem to be improved in the model established in this paper is that we assume that the slurry is filled in the whole domain.However, the advantage of this model is to simulate the initial motion state on the screen, and the slurry capacity is limited before being compressed by the scraper motion.The parameter study in this paper focuses on the theory, and has not taken into account other influencing factors in the actual production and application

Due to the limitation of experimental conditions, the research on the accuracy of printing machine and the comprehensive use of various anti-counterfeiting printing in actual mass production are not considered, which are the shortcomings of this paper.Therefore, in the following research work, this subject will be continued and its shortcomings will be studied in depth.

Post time: Sep-11-2020