In screen printing, the selection of the silk screen printing fabric mesh is very important. Because it can affect the quality of screen printing. Our Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh has a certain elasticity and strength. It can guarantee that it will not be broken by being torn during use. This durable product greatly reduces the cost of printing.

This product has a high breaking strength. Its mesh tension value is significantly higher than that of the same type of mesh, and its stability is good, and the elongation is extremely small. In addition, this fabrics are resistant to pigments, inks, solvents, etc., and are suitable for other conditions required for printing. Its highest precision can reach 420mesh/inch, the mesh thickness, opening, wire diameter error is controlled to a minimum.

Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh Basic Info:

 Material:100% Polyester

Weave Type:Plain

Mesh Count:30-420mesh/inch

Length:30M, 50M or customized

Width:0.6M-3M or customized

Color:Yellow and white

Sample service:Available

Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh

 Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh Characteristics:

 1. The product has the characteristics of uniform mesh and stable tension, and is suitable for high-precision screen printing.

2. The soft polyester component on the surface of the product can reduce the screen scratch wear and prolong its service life.

3. Its surface is specially treated to enhance adhesion.

4. It also has good ink penetration and resilience.

5. Its strength is strong, which enhances the printing durability of the printing plate.

Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh Application:

 Printing on textiles, ceramic, glass, PCB, solar panel, etc.

 The common prints include colored oil paintings, posters, business cards, binding covers, trademark signs, and textiles.

Post time: Dec-10-2019