screen printing screen cleaning is one of the most important process to protect our screen.Screen printing common cleaning materials are thinner screen, bleach, help wash economy, of course, the screen can also be after the screen printing residual water The ink or other raw materials rinse.

When the silk screen is completed, the screen printing screen should be cleaned immediately with the appropriate solvent, leaving no ink, so as to prevent residual ink dry blocking the network, and reprint printing loss of tone. Printing shutdown in more than 15 h, it should be washed after the shutdown. Cleaning screen printing screen of the paper or plastic sheeting to cover the Taiwan plate, flat print version.4

a. Cleaning the screen when the screen printing screen in the cleaning tank gently scrub, do not wash, so as not to affect the screen tension and loose mesh.

b. Color tone printing should be continuous production, in multi-color printing, the previous color and the next color overprinting interval should not exceed 1 day, so as not to extend the substrate or ink glass, affecting the quality of screen printing.

General cleaning screen printing screen method is through some of the above assistive economy treatment, and then use a clean mesh cloth gently wipe the screen surface, it should be noted here that the application of screen printing screen The principle and method of cleaning different scenes are different. For example: the circuit industry cleaning method using the screen cleaning material will be somewhat different, because the circuit printed materials will be a small amount of sodium thiosulfate and a small amount of silver complex, you can wash the residual raw materials removed.

The benefits of doing so is to extend the life of the screen, to avoid because after use, the screen printing screen left in the raw materials because of special changes and chemical reactions lead to the fade of the photosensitive glue. Commonly used method is by washing, but some industry products in the printing process using raw materials can not be used to cleaning the screen printing screen to remove the raw materials, you have to use other assistive economy or fine sperm, etc., to thoroughly clean the screen printing screen On the residual ink, etc., to facilitate the next use!

Post time: Sep-18-2019