Generally speaking, screen plate production due to the use of different photosensitive materials, its production process is also different, but no matter what kind of process, screen plate production process must be the following steps: screen and screen frame selection, pull net, wash net, coating photosensitive materials, exposure, development, drying.Below we will understand in detail the operation method of each flow and matters needing attention.

1, screen selection

At present, there are many kinds of silk mesh in the market, such as silk mesh, nylon mesh, polyester mesh, wire mesh, etc., generally from the cost and applicability, nylon mesh is the most common type of silk mesh in the market.

Characteristics of nylon mesh nylon mesh with smooth surface, good ink permeability, softness, elasticity, strong adaptability, good tensile strength, elasticity and frictional resistance, large nodules fastness, long service life, acid, resistance to chemicals and many organic solvent superior performance characteristics, thus get the favour of fine printing, in fine line drawing design and site is widely used in printing.

Usage notice: nylon wire mesh in addition to the above advantages, also has some disadvantages, such as large elongation, low heat resistance, so in the nylon wire mesh should pay attention to the following points:

1. Due to the large elongation of nylon wire mesh, it is required to use a strong mesh frame and stretching machine during printing;

2. For the defects of low heat resistance of nylon wire mesh, so do not use hot solution method to fix the screen when printing;

3. Uv will also cause some effects on the nylon wire mesh, so in the preservation of the nylon wire mesh or its corresponding screen version should be careful to avoid the light.

2. Selection of screen frame

Press material qualitative, screen frame has wooden frame commonly, aluminium frame, stainless steel frame, commonly used have wooden frame, aluminium frame, iron frame to wait.

1. Wooden frame: the price is cheaper, easy to make, but manual tension and mechanical tension network, but its shortage is in the strong charge low, easy to deformation, only suitable for low.Precision product printing, and not suitable for rapid high precision screen printing, in addition to the wood frame out of the netease relaxation, poor recovery.

2. Iron frame: compared with the wooden frame, it has the characteristics of size stability and durability, but its weight, easy to rust, it is not convenient to use, and can only be used for mechanical stretching.

Five, the Seine

General plate making, the method can be divided into manual, mechanical and pneumatic dragnet three, such as silk screen processing plant accuracy requirements are not high, generally take the first two ways can;If the requirements are higher, can use the last kind of pneumatic pull mesh machine, pneumatic pull mesh machine is suitable for high-precision screen drawing.It is characterized by uniform tension, easy to use, can reach different requirements of tension, especially suitable for high precision printing color printing screen.

Six, washing net

Special chemicals commonly used while printing plate washing network (such as membrane water, diluent, detergent, etc.), but this method is time consuming, so for those who speak of aging processing plant, this method is a bit of trouble, in this to share an effective method: choose detergency strong detergent, such as tide, wetting halftone, with cotton cloth after grinding, this kind of method to remove the dirt quickly, there will be good for sensitive glue adhesion, a sword double eagle.(note: for the above method, it is necessary to hit both sides when polishing. When polishing the front, the force should be lighter to avoid the mesh falling off.)After washing the net, put the net in the dryer to dry.

Post time: Apr-14-2020