Screen Printing Yellow Mesh,The advantages of screen printing yellow mesh, good absorption of light, high printing precision, and good exposure effect.Yellow polyester printing mesh, use more than 90T. The yellow printing fabric can absorb more light and prevent light from scattering. It is more suitable for the printing of fine products, especially those with very fine lines and complicated patterns. With our high-end yellow printing screens, they are suitable for high resolution fine prints, with maximum exposure range, and excellent light cut protection.The color of the screen printing cloth affects the exposure of screen printing inks and screens, due to the influence of the screen on light scattering, resulting in differences in resolution, sharpness, and exposure levels. The scattering of light by the white screen and the yellow screen is different. With the increase of the mesh number and the exposure time, the scattered dots will increase, which leads to the loss of resolution and sharpness of the printing. Therefore, when the fine products are printed, the printing effect using the yellow mesh cloth is better and the accuracy is more accurate.

Yellow polyester printing mesh Application Fields

Fine product printing

PCB printing

Glass printing

Ceramic printing

Touch screen printing

Appliances glass panel printing

Textile printing

T-shirt printing

Industrial Screen Printing Mesh Yellow Color Specifications:

77T,90T,100T, 110T ,120T ,140T ,165T

100 mesh monofilament screen

110 mesh fabric

110 monofilament polyester mesh

120 mesh silk screen

120t mesh

140 mesh screen

156 mesh

160 mesh

180 mesh screen

300 mesh silk screen

43t mesh screen printing

77t mesh

Post time: Feb-25-2020