Screen printing mesh 140T polyesrer mesh Yellow

 Screen printing is predominantly used to print the conductive switch lines and the adhesive layers in the construction of membrane switches. This is because screen printing mesh offers relatively large openings that help to print the viscous conductive, resistive and adhesive materials. In addition, screen printing offers a wide range of wet ink deposit thicknesses from which to create the circuits (from a few microns to several hundreds of microns). The majority of membrane switch graphic overlays are also screen printed.

Unsurpassed UV-light undercutting protection of yellow mesh

 Adhesion and preparation optimized mesh surface

 Reproducible mesh relaxation

 Good ink and paste release behaviour

 Good antistatic behavior thanks to SPRING antistatic treatment

 Wide standard range with high availability.

 screen printing mesh,polyester mesh,bolting cloth.

Post time: Jan-14-2020