Our company is a professional manufacturer of screen printing frame, more than 10 years with excellent quality materials, scientific and orderly process, rigorous and meticulous quality inspection, considerate and warm service by customers.With the continuous expansion of our foreign trade business, our products have been sold to the United States, Europe, Korea, Japan, America and other regions, which are excellent products after the market test.

In the production process, we also have more experience from the needs of each country, very familiar with the situation and needs of each country, to give you the most thoughtful advice.

The production of screen printing frame starts from profile selection.First of all according to the size of the order inside and outside diameter and customer demand for profile selection, our profile is aluminum alloy material, with a strong and durable while the weight of the advantages of easy operation.

Next, the cutting master will cut the profile into the calculated size after measuring and fixing steps. In the cutting process, he pays great attention to the level of the cut and the accuracy of the Angle.

Transport the cut profiles to the welder.Unique argon arc welding machine technology to ensure the firm welding, prevent peeling deformation.The welding process of the argon arc welding master makes sections of scattered profiles connect to form the prototype of the mesh frame.

Then it was time for the framer to show off his skills.The grinding frame has three steps. The machine is ground once to remove the obvious welding bumps in the welding joint, which lays the foundation for the whole grinding process.The next two times of manual grinding will refine the polishing process to ensure the smoothness of the screen frame. The next three times of grinding will make the whole plane smooth and level, which is the finishing point of the whole polishing process.

Finally, our frame teacher out of the horse, to ensure that the four sides are straight, the net frame of the whole process has been completed.

Post time: Nov-13-2020