First of all, silk screen mesh has a variety of specifications,followed by wide, the material is not the same. Screen printing is used when the screen printing sun screen, according to the needs of printing products to select the mesh screen mesh. Mesh refers to the mesh size, mesh size, refers to the length of 1 inch or 25.4mm how many holes.

Mesh there are two weave: plain weave and oblique weaving. Silk screen with cotton yarn, veil printing quality is poor, poor analytical power, and now rarely used.

Silk screen silk screen, the latitude and longitude line uniformity and tensile strength is better, but the elongation rate, easy to aging, long-term exposure under the crisp, light.1234

Polyester mesh is made of chemical fiber, polyester. Polyester screen has the advantages of solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. When the polyester screen is subjected to large external pressure, its physical properties are stable and its stretchability is small. The downside is the poor wear resistance compared to nylon mesh. Polyester screen in addition to the advantages of nylon screen printing, but also suitable for printing high precision printed circuit boards and so on.

Nylon silk screen mesh, made of synthetic fiber, is a polyamide. Nylon mesh with high strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, flexibility are better, due to uniform diameter, the surface is smooth, so the ink is also very good through. The disadvantage is that the nylon mesh is more stretchable. This screen in the stretch after a period of time, the tension has decreased, so that the screen printing plate loose, the accuracy decreased. Therefore, it is not suitable for printing circuit boards with high dimensional accuracy requirements.

So what kind of specifications are good depends on their own printing needs to be set, now mainly in polyester screen printing and nylon screen printed mesh based.

Post time: Aug-21-2019