1 Development status and trend of screen printing machines abroad

Since the early 1940s, the international screen printing industry has developed rapidly depending on the production of photosensitive plate making technology.In the 1960s, the emergence and rapid development of a variety of high-end industries once again promoted the overall development of screen printing technology and special equipment and materials, enabling the rapid development of screen printing technology.In the 1970s, photosensitive plate making and further development of screen materials, and make the world screen printing industry forward a big step.After the 1980s, the development of the international Internet printing industry has the characteristics and trends: first, the field of screen printing is more and more extensive;Second, the proportion of screen printing in the whole printing industry is increasing;Third, computer technology is widely used in printing and screen printing plate;Fourth, screen printing materials to high quality of a variety of screen printing machinery to the direction of automation.

In today’s world, the screen printing industry in Europe, the United States and Japan is relatively developed. In the late 1980s, the Screen printing industry in the United States developed rapidly. There were about 5,000 manufacturers engaged in the screen printing industry, with an annual output value of more than 3 billion DOLLARS, accounting for about 10% of the total output value of the American printing industry.At present, in the production of automatic screen printing machine more famous manufacturers include: Japan (Sakurai), Japan (Minuo), Japan (Tohai Commercial), Germany SPS, Italy (Sayles), Sweden (Sylvia) and the United States Merbec and other well-known enterprises.Even in the rapid development of screen printing industry today, Germany SPS manufacturing fully automatic rolling screen printing machine, with its high precision, high speed is still leading the world trend of screen printing.Similarly, Japan, the United States, Sweden and Italy also have a number of first-class silk screen printing machine suppliers, their presence also provides a reliable blueprint for the design of other silk screen machine.

Over the past ten years, the development speed of screen printing technology and equipment materials has far exceeded people’s expectations.In Japan, the production and development of electronic circuit board are controlled by electronic computer technology, and the production process and management are controlled by computer.In Europe, large rotary screen printing equipment, a variety of high-end equipment materials, computer program-controlled multi-color screen printing machine in the screen printing industry has been widely used.

2 Development status and trend of Domestic screen printing machines

After entering the eighty s, with the deepening of the reform and opening up, China has also developed the silk screen printing is an emerging technology that is one of the earliest Beijing 706 factory and guangdong sheng jiang the two screen printing machine manufacturing factory is more influential, produce semi-automatic screen printing machine to fill the gaps in China screen printing industry, but also broke the monopoly of foreign.In the eighty s, more and more manufacturers begin to join to the production of silk screen printing equipment, production technology rapid development in the continuous innovation, produced products have been divided into a lot of different series, but most of the equipment design is relatively foreign products are too simple, not too rough, machining precision is not enough, the screen printing industry is in a high speed developing, sprang up a large number of engaged in screen printing factory.There are about 200 companies engaged in screen printing industry in China. There are about 40 companies with certain production capacity and certain influence, and more than 6,000 people engaged in screen printing.Excluding the manual platform, the production volume in 1999 was about 5,000 units, with the sales volume reaching 200 million yuan.

Compared with developed countries, China screen printing industry development is still relatively backward, the domestic market screen printing equipment mainly to smooth flat plate printing, technical equipment and screen printing level is low, there are still some manual and semi-automatic equipment mainly workshops and factories.Screen printing turbine, automatic plate-making, large automatic multi-color screen printing machine is still in the blank stage, especially the rolling screen printing machine has been monopolized by the European and American countries.Compared with the development level of screen printing machines in developed countries, there is still a big gap in China.Mainly displays in: (1) in terms of high quality products and motors, whether it is a silk screen printing machine, silk screen, printing ink, emulsion, or in terms of other auxiliary materials and equipment, behind the developed countries mostly: (2) and high speed digital, foreign markets on the whole set of screen printing turn turbine, domestic also can not meet the conditions for producing such equipment;(3) In terms of multiple varieties and matching, although domestic categories are complete, the number of sophisticated products is too small.

The main factors affecting the development of China’s screen printing industry are as follows: – First, China’s screen printing technology development late;Second, China’s special equipment is too few and the development of material technology is too slow to meet the needs of the industry;Third, the products produced are too few, the application range is narrow, the technology is backward, a variety of screen printing technology is still in the development stage;The fourth is the lack of investment in technical research, equipment used in various research is not complete, the lack of quality testing means, quality supervision departments and arbitration institutions vacancy;Fifth, the geographical distribution of screen production enterprises is too wide is not conducive to the exchange of technology, product quality is uneven, the lack of inspection, testing means of application enterprises.

Although the domestic screen printing equipment does not have the import machinery precision is high, the operation is stable, but with its special low price also sells well, even if is the same kind of product, also compares the foreign price low.It is reported that a new generation of fully automatic silk-screen printing machine developed by Nanjing Panda Hitachi Technology Co., Ltd. has broken China’s long-term dependence on imported products.Nanjing Panda Hitachi Technology Co., LTD is a joint venture between Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., LTD and Japan Hitachi co., LTD., specializing in the research and development of high-precision NP04XP screen printing machine suitable for the production of fine-spacing electronic components, it has the characteristics of high-precision, high-rigidity, fine-spacing printing stability.It is worth noting that the market of countries with advanced screen printing technology has become saturated. The United States, Japan, Italy and other countries have also sought partners in China to create “foreign-funded” enterprises and sales representatives. We should seize the opportunity.

With the development of screen printing technology, the development trend of screen equipment in China is as follows:

(1) The proportion of manual screen printing equipment is gradually decreasing, but with the technological innovation and fierce competition in the screen printing market and the development of automation, the proportion of manual equipment is decreasing and gradually replaced.

(2) Automation equipment to high quality, high precision, large surface development, under the dual pressure of continuous improvement of process requirements and market competition, the development of screen printing machine to high quality, high precision equipment tilt, in the pursuit of novel shape and perfect function in product design.For example, the screen printing machine with CCD vision system and the control panel using LIQUID crystal display are the trend of the development of the screen printing industry.

(3) Automatic screen printing machine, automatic production line is on the rise, screen printing because of strong three-dimensional sense and thick oil film has become the first choice of many manufacturers, in the domestic future of the screen printing market accounts for more and more high proportion.

In the next few years, domestic silk-screen equipment will still maintain a three-way situation, and there will be some changes: the proportion of manual printing equipment decline, high technology content of semi-automatic silk-screen opportunities to occupy a large supply of equipment market, and the automatic screen printing production line will show an increase in demand.Since China joined WT0, the domestic screen printing industry has ushered in unprecedented fierce competition, but also requires China’s screen printing industry must be in line with the international standards, high-end automatic screen printing machine will certainly win a broader market in the domestic market.

Post time: Aug-10-2020