At present, the application of screen printing is mainly focused on decorative screen printing and functional screen printing.The former mainly includes self-adhesive, posters and display boards, post-press processing, special effects, textures, textiles, ceramics and garment material printing, while the latter mainly includes panel, instrument panel, printing circuit, CD decoration, glass product printing, etc.As long as the application of screen printing must be considered an important issue is the reasonable choice of screen.This is because the screen will not only affect the shape and size of the dot can be copied, resulting in the loss of the final tonal layer or tonal layer change, but also affect the ink layer thickness and ink mobility, and moire production and printing plate related accuracy.At present, the above printing areas often appear moire interference, the loss of the tone level, ink layer thickness does not meet the requirements and overprinting is not allowed, especially the first two problems are common.Therefore, the study of screen printing process parameters is to solve the above problems, to ensure the faithful reproduction of the original printing.Because of the entire halftone screen printing process there are many variables, and each of the variables will affect the final screen printing product quality.The main process parameters of screen printing are as follows: pre-press film parameters – screen number, screen Angle, dot shape;Screen screen parameters – screen specifications, tension, squeegees parameters, exposure time;Printing parameters: scraper parameters, scraper pressure, scraper Angle, scraper speed, printing color sequence, screen spacing, nesting, and substrate and printing suitability.Screen printing enterprises to achieve the data, standardized production must do a series of experimental research on the above main process parameters, find out the quantitative relationship between them, and their interaction and printing quality.However, due to the limitations of experimental conditions and time, and considering the fact that current enterprises mainly rely on experience to select screen parameters, this paper puts forward a study on how screen parameters affect the quality of printing, so as to obtain some useful rules to guide the production practice.At the same time, can be seen from the above review, although many scholars and research institutions to screen parameter selection and turtle grain problem are studied, and obtained the periodic achievements, but the screen printing resolution expression to a greater difference between selected screen: mesh/line of reference data, also has a large gap between its application is restricted.At the same time, because there are many factors affecting moire, moire general appearance is the result of the joint action of many factors, so, also need to screen in the process of screen printing screen parameter selection and moire problems to study.

Post time: Oct-14-2020