The screen frames needed in screen printing can be divided into three types: wooden screen frame, aluminum screen frame (hereinafter referred to as aluminum screen frame) and steel screen frame. With the improvement of printing technology and the rise of printing conditions, people are more and more using aluminum or steel screen frames because they have the properties of anti twist or arch change, water resistance, light weight and durability And other advantages are of great help to the quality of screen printing. Chinese style

Features of silk screen aluminum frame:

There are light weight, wide selection of cross-section, high bending strength, corrosion resistance (chemicals, inks, solvents and cleaners, etc.) and easy cleaning. Chinese style

Types and characteristics of screen printed aluminum frames:

Aluminum mesh frame is divided into hollow type, Japanese type, Tian type and cross type. Chinese style

1. Running platform printed aluminum frame:

It is suitable for platform printing, clothing printing, craft gift, leather, plastic, plexiglass products and toy printing. The printing operation is mainly manual assembly line (platform) operation. Chinese style

2. Precision electronic aluminum frame:

Suitable for multi-layer circuit board, liquid crystal display, surface mounting, membrane switch, ceramic decal paper, tobacco and wine packaging and printing and other high-precision manufacturers: the printing operation is mainly full-automatic screen printing machine, some are also suitable for precision semi-automatic screen printing brush machine. Chinese style

3. CD, ceramic aluminum frame:

It is suitable for the common printing precision requirements of CD disc, nameplate, glue dropping, keyboard, plastic, shell and so on: the printing operation is mainly manual printing and small area printing machine; it can be customized with single frame, arc frame and other special-shaped frames.

4. Large aluminum frame:

It is suitable for large-scale outdoor four-color advertising, light box printing, automobile glass, glass curtain wall and other large format printing factories; the printing work is mainly large-scale screen printing. Chinese style

5. Electronic aluminum frame:

Suitable for single and double-sided printed circuit board, decal, glass printing and other printing precision requirements manufacturers use: printing operations are mainly semi-automatic screen printing machine, some materials are also suitable for manual printing.

Post time: Mar-24-2020