Emulsion remover for screen printing

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Screen printing emulsion remover powder is a ready-to-use emulsion remover.Easily removes emulsions and capillary films from your screens, and easily dissolves into water to make a reclaiming solution

  • Model Number: J.M. H-500
  • Weight: 1kg/box
  • Application: Screen Printing Industry
  • Usage: Cleaning screen printing frame
  • color: White
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    Screen printing emulsion remover powder

    Product Description

    pure Use ratio  Remarks
    J.M.H-500 50% 1:100 1 kg of defilm powder mixed with 100kg of water
    J.M.M-300 30% 1:65 1 kg of defilm powder mixed with 65kg of water
    J.M.N-100 15% 1:45 1 kg of defilm powder mixed with 45kg of water


    Save screen mesh.   /Easy to dissolve in water.   / Reduced the cost for the enterprise.  /Membrane cleaned off quickly and cleanly.

     With little damage to the environment.  / Aqueous solution can be long-term preservation.  / Low Price Hot Sale Screen Printing Photo Emulsion Remover



    Mixing of Autostrip Powder

    For general use dissolve 100 grams in 10 litres (18 pints) of cold water to make 1% strength solution. When stencils are difficult to remove use 5 litres of cold water to make a 2% strength solution. If an Automatic Stripping machine is used a 2% solution strength is preferred for a longer solution life.

    Use of Autostrip Powder

    1.Remove all ink residues by applying Autosolve Screen Wash to both sides of the mesh and work in with a brush.

    2.Wash both sides of mesh with water to remove all solvent traces.

    3.With a brush, apply Autostrip liberally to both sides of the mesh.

    4.Leave to stand for 3 to 5 minutes while the emulsion coating dissolves. Do not allow Autostrip to dry onto the screen as this will make the stencil difficult to remove.

    5.Wash off the stencil with a strong spray followed by a high pressure gun.




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