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Screen Printing Squeegee Blades -AM series 60*8mm

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Резинэн хусуур чанарын өндөр түвшинд, дэлгэц дээр хэвлэх салбарт уусгагч тэсвэртэй, урт удаан хугацааны хусуур юм. Бидний тараагч цаашид бусад ихэнх тараагч илүү үргэлжлэх хийсэн дээд зэрэглэлийн Полиуретан Elastomers, гарч хийсэн байна.

  • Model number: JM-02-AM6008
  • Width: 60MM
  • Зузаан: 8MM
  • Урт: 4m/roll
  • Санал авах AM
  • Hardness: 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90A
  • Өнгө: red,green or customized
  • Хэлбэр: square V-shape Round
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    Squeegee Description

    AM all purpose polyurethane blade with good quality resistant to solvent chemicals and abrasion ,it is suitable for all kinds applications in screen printing,mainly used in textile printing、manual or automatic screen printing.

    Available Dimension










    Note:1.Special sizes can be customized.  2.According to your requests, size, quality and hardness can be marked on the squeegee.

    Hardness Introduction


    Shore A







    Супер хатуу


    How to choose the right durometer

    • 60 durometer squeegees are the softest available, and are used for more delicate printing. A softer blade flexes more than a hard blade, and works best with thinner inks. 60 durometer squeegees also are great for high density printing since they allow a larger amount of ink to roll through the stencil.

    • 70/75 durometer squeegees are a medium hardness, and are the most commonly used. A 70 durometer squeegee blade works well with almost any screen printing application, and it is a great starter option for the beginning screen printer.

    • 80 durometer squeegees are very stiff and are great for more intricate print jobs. 80 durometer screen printing squeegees are great for printing with thicker screen printing inks such as whites and other opaque plastisols.

    How to choose the shapes刀口

    Printing squeegee come in different shapes, such as straight edge, round (bull nose) or double bevel (bevelled edge also come in different angles). The bevel squeegee are used by bottle printers or hard surface printing. There are textile printers who use bevel edge for fine textile printing.(please specify in notes which duro you wish  to order) we carry double, triple and bull nose squeegee.

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