Aluminum Handle with squeegee rubber blades for screen printing

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Aluminum handle squeegee rubber for screen printing, highly resistant to wear and corrosion inks and solvents.Suitable for automatic printing, glass printing, CD printing, credit card printing, all industrial and electronic printing. 

  • Application: screen printing
  • Handle material: Aluminum
  • Handle Specification: A+,A1,A2,A3,A4 and Customized 
  • Rubber Material: 100% Polyurethane
  • Hardness: 50-95A
  • Shapes: square,round,V-shaped or customized
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    Screen printing handle specification

    Specification cross section Thickness
    A+ 10.5cm 1.5mm
    A1 9.5cm 1.8mm
    A2 9.5cm 1.5mm
    A3 8.5cm 1.5mm
    A4 6.5cm 1.5mm

    squeegee rubber blades Specification

    Product name:    Polyurethane Squeegee Gum
    Standard Size: 50*9mm,55*9mm,45*9mm,50*7mm,45*7mm,40*7mm,55*5mm,50*5mm,45*5mm,40*5mm,38*8mm,35*5mm,25*5mm etc.
    Standard  Hardness: 55shore,60shore,65shore,70shore,75shore,80shore,85shore,90shore
     Shape:  V shape and flat shape
    Packing carton,plastic package and packing sheet or as customers requirement.
    Color Any color can be made as your request


    -High abrasion resistance and better tear resistance, resulting in a uniform and high quality material.

    -Excellent resistance and minimal swelling, suitable for various pastes, solvents and solvents.

    -Precision extruded aluminum scraper, light weight, can continue to use.

    -The bulge in the opening of the squeegee helps to hold the rubber firmly with a uniform pressure without piercing the squeegee or deforming it.

    -Scraper is pre-drilled and tightened every three inches. To replace the rubber, simply loosen the screws and insert the replacement rubber.


    Screen printing squeegee is the ink though the screen mesh into the cloth or other materials.

    -Textile screen printing

    - Solar printing

    - Ceramic printing 

    - Electronic circuit board printing



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