8 color 8 station screen printer with micro-registration system

Short Description:

1. Widely suitable for screen printing t-shirts, garments, towel, leather,umbrella ,clothes and backpack, etc.

2. The printing base and screen can be rotated, and screen plate can be turned backward and forward, left and right, which makes the operation much easier and a more accurate printing position.

3. It suitable for printing with heating set ink, rubber cement and other printing inks.

  • Model: JM-SP08-S8
  • Alu. pallet size: 45X61cm
  • Max frame size: 50x60cm
  • Max image size: 40x50cm
  • Type: with micro-registration system
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    8 color 8 station screen printing machine with micro-registration system

    Model: JM-SP08-S8

    If you want to print in multiple colors, then you will require one of our “Carousel” systems. They are called Carousel because the screens and the clothes pad can be rotated respectively hence you can apply 6 colors on the clothes at one time.

    Alu. pallet size: 45X61cm

    Max frame size: 50x60cm

    Max image size: 40x50cm


    This type of printer is micro-registration manual screen printing machine.

    Adjust the screw handle to move the screen to all directions, very accurate for multicolor registration

    Alum table is more durable and high temperature resistance

    Double rotary type, screen and table can rotate independently, strong base with caster to move freely.



    1 Case  (97*58*34cm)

    4 carton(57*35*18cm )

    1 case  (68*68*80cm)


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